Sunday – Sydney Zoo

April 18, 2006 at 2:32 am (Australia, Report)

Sydney Zoo – Kookaburra

Originally uploaded by MikeWilcox.

Sunday was a fine day – The weather forecast was probably a bit cold for the autumnal Sydneysiders, but pretty hot for us – so we decided to take the ferry across to the Zoo.

It seemed like half of Sydney had the same idea. It was pretty busy getting in, and around the top entry, but as you moved around, the zoo seemed to cope with the numbers well.

The zoo itself is perched on the side of a steepish hill, down to the water's edge. The main entrance is at the top, and they provide a cable-car to get you up there from the harbour entrance… but the queue was horrendous, so we took the bus up instead.

On the whole, the zoo is pretty compact, and has to make do with some relatively small enclosures. But they seem to be doing it well, and also seem to be rejuvenating the tired areas well.

For the lions & tigers, they have an underground area that juts out into the middle of the enclosure. It gets you close to the animals, and some good views – a bit like the aquariums do nowadays. I don't know what they can see of us in there, but they ignored the people totally, while they were prowling around. From their activity, and keen looks, I'd say they were expecting some food in the near future.

One show we did stop to see was of various birds in flight over an amphitheatre – where the backdrop view was of the city & the harbour. An excellent view!


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