Monday – Opera House

April 18, 2006 at 2:47 am (Australia, Report)

Opera House

Originally uploaded by MikeWilcox.

I'm sure we didn't intend to spend most of the day at the Opera House when we went out this morning, but it seems like we did.

It was meant to be a stroll around the outisde, followed by a wander around the botanic gardens. However, we did a tour inside the opera house instead.

From that, we discovered that they were putting on a ballet at the time, and that evenings was earlier than the rest of the week – so decided to get tickets.

And before lunch, Samantha announced that she was really tired, and wanted to go to bed – so it was back to the hotel. She did actually sleep for a couple of hours, while we organised room service for lunch.

There was time for a quick wander around the Rocks before we went back to dress. We ended up late, of course, so Samantha and I rushed over to get our seats just in time, while Ann got delayed and had to wait until the interval before joining us.

It was a modern ballet, so you just had to let the experience wash over you without necessarily expecting any kind of story. We got there too late to see the synopsis & cast sheet, but I'm not sure it would have helped. Samantha enjoyed it though, and that was the point…



  1. Margaret Wilcox marphil said,

    What a treat for Samantha, just the thing to encourage her at her ballet class.

    All your latest photosand the update of your diary are so welcome. It is lovely to get the news almost as it happens.

    Will everything be available for a long time, as I will have to choose what to download and don’t want to keep on printing things more than once. So let me know before you delete anything.

    Carry on enjoying yourselves,

    Love Mum & Dad
    Mainly for Sam, one or two to share between the rest of you.

  2. coppertop said,

    I agree – its definitely a different way to send news back home from the standard letter – or even an email.

    Everything will stay here permanently – I have no plans to delete anything. The pictures will stay available for at least another year.

    I’ll pass the kisses on…

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