Friday – To Sydney

April 18, 2006 at 2:03 am (Australia, Report)

The Reef from 27000 feet

Originally uploaded by MikeWilcox.

It was time to leave the tropics, and head for Sydney. A shame… I'm not sure I've enjoyed a week's holiday like that since Ann and I were in Kenya. It was excellent!

The check-out time was 10:00, so we organised the transfer coach for the same time – no point in hanging around with all the luggage in the humidity.

There were a couple of local pickups, but no visits to any of the other beaches, so it was quite a quick journey back to Cairns. It gave us plenty of time for lunch before the flight.

The flight itself was fuller than the one from Melbourne, so no face-painting this time. Sam managed to keep herself going with more colouring, and on the whole was pretty good for a long boring flight.

The initial route took a sharp left away from Cairns and over the sea, giving us a great view of various reefs in the Great Barrier Reef. Pretty soon, we were back over land, and the view changed to something hot, red and dusty.

Arrival in Sydney was easy enough – pausing for something for Ann to eat. The train into the centre was easy and quick – nothing like you'd get on a Friday afternoon in Heathrow & London (maybe being Good Friday helped), and left us with a 300m walk to the hotel near Circular Quay.

We changed, and went to the top-floor lounge to take advantage of the free drinks. There were snacks, but not really enough to feed Sam properly. And the lounge was full, so we couldn't get seats with a view at first, but that changed.

But we were all tired, so headed for an earlyish night.


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