Wednesday – Birthday

April 15, 2006 at 11:54 pm (Australia)

This was Ann’s Birthday, so started with the various birthday cards. Of course. Ann didn’t know she was getting any cards because Samantha is so good at keeping surprises secret… NOT!

Breakfast was a repeat with the birds, plus a qouch look at the crocs and kangaroos. This time we managed to see & touch a python at their presentation… a strange, soft feel, not at all rough, scaly, or slimy.

We then look the car back – and what a bargain! About £9O for 3 days.

Lunch in town was followed, for Ann, by her going off for a pampering session. Samantha & I headed for the apartment for an afternoon of swimming. While visiting reception, we discovered that they had a couples of ”noodles” – which are 3 ft-long flexible polyethylene tubes. They are used as flotation aids, but are much better than the standard flat boards – they can be held under arms, legs or behind the neck, or simply in the hands. They seem to help add stability too.

With the noodle, Samantha was gradually getting more confident – certainly she was ok with swimming by herself, even if she isn’t very fast!

And what birthday wouldn’t be complete without a meal out?


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