Harbour Bridge at Night

April 15, 2006 at 11:47 am (Australia, Quick News)

Harbour Bridge at Night

Originally uploaded by MikeWilcox.

You can't beat having a view like this.

It's well worthwhile going for a club room in the Intercontinental hotel, giving you access to the club lounge on the top floor.

Free drinks between 5:30 and 7:30, and this for a view…



  1. Moore Household said,

    Nice to see you made it to Sydney, great shots – Rod

    What do you think of the Opera House now its on your doorstop. Love the shots and looking forward to the stories when we all catch up again on Friday. Happy Easter to you all, love Sue ands everyone at the Moore household

    Thanks for the pictures and stories – really enjoying it – Kevin & Cheryle

  2. Louisa & Lucille said,

    Thank you for e_mail –We are enjoying the pictures and Mikes written accounts of
    your travels have been brillient. You are 22carat Mike. It has been super to follow you around Aus. So pleased you are having such a wonderful holi. What an amazing experience for Samantha and she seems to be taking everything in her stride. We are looking forward to the Sue,s wedding. I hope she will feel in the air around her all the love of the ABSENT ones who wish her all the happiness on her wedding day and every day in the future. As for my favourite travellers just go on enjoy every minute. Samantha- Bo bo is enjoying the pictures of Spencer . Spencer is a much travelled
    bear of great repute now. We send much love to you all– L&L

  3. coppertop said,

    Glad to see you’re all enjoying the reports. It can take some doing. Here I seem to be better able to do photos, but have less time to write reports…

    I know we’re only staying in the tourist spots in the middle, but… how can you not like Sydney? Its a pretty good place!

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