The Greedy Kangaroo

April 13, 2006 at 5:01 am (Australia)

The Greedy Kangaroo

Originally uploaded by MikeWilcox.

Here's a kangaroo being fed at the Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas. It should also give a useful link over to the photographs on Flickr. No more for a couple of days now though… starting to get ready to fly down to Sydney now.



  1. Margaret Wilcox marphil said,

    Hello family. I have just been looking at the web sites you linked to this diary. What an experience to be over the trees like that. And I recognise the boardwalks from the Jungle series thingy. – or at least one like it. Why no pictures of our lovely Rod on flickr? You had better do plenty of the wedding.
    Love, Mum & Dad

  2. coppertop said,

    There is one – but you can only see his back. Its with Samantha, running on the beach.

    I’m sure there’ll be more, but I’m not so sure I’ll be able to get them online until after I get back to the UK…. Uploading photos is the hardest thing to sort out. It’s easy from the hotel here in Sydney, but I doubt I’ll get many such places when we’re doing the more rural parts of Victoria & the Great Ocean Road next week.

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