Thursday – Queensland

April 10, 2006 at 11:13 am (Australia, Report)

Up early for the taxi to Melbourne airport, with an easy journey that ended up beating the rush-hour traffic. And, typically, after getting there early, an extra toilet trip for Sam meant we still ended up rushing for the flight.

The flight to Cairns- still within Australia- was a 3 1/2 hour flight, which is longer than the flights I used to do to Stockholm. There were no seat-back tv screens, so entertainment for Samantha meant more old-fashioned colouring books. The cabin-crew on the Virgin-Blue plane were pretty friendly, and did some face-painting with Samantha. We also waited until last to get off, so they would let Samantha and Spencer bear visit the cockpit.

Did we mention Spencer? He is a bear from school who goes to all manner of exotic locations with the kids, and has a diary to fill in to show how life is different in these places. It's a cool key for getting Samantha to visit places she wouldn't normally go. Captains. pilots. Cabin crew. None are immune from the "ah" factor of Sam + bear!

We took a shuttle bus up the coast to Port Douglas. Wow! It's so beautiful, with lush verdant jungle covering steep mountainsides. The road is a twisty affair that gives some good views of the coastline. You also get a good idea of how it all must have looked to Captain Cook 200 years ago. But it (Port Douglas) is perhaps a bit touristy. Done pretty well though – nothing like as bad as some European resorts.

It is as hot & humid as expected though, with some cloud. There was a heavy shower in the late afternoon, while we had stopped for an ice- cream, which added to the humidity.

While out walking around the town, we booked a couple of tours, and got back to the apartment in time for Samantha to practice her swimming in the pool. Another long day…


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