Friday-Port Douglas

April 10, 2006 at 11:40 am (Australia, Report)

The apartment is only 50 yards trom the beach, so the day was bound to start with a walk there, which turned into a morning of mixed sun-bathing and swimming.

April is still in the ''stinger" (jellyfish) season here, so there is a large floating enclosure on the beach that is the only place that is safe to swim in. It is pulled in & out as the tide changes. Still, there is plenty of room for paddling & swimming, and Sam enjoys taking both of us out into the water for doing both.

A late lunch left us with just enough time to go back and change for our first tour- a small paddle-steamer called the ''Lady Douglas". This cruises around the inlet & the mangrove swamps hunting for crocodiles, but the tide-level helped keep them hidden. We did manage to tempt a sea-eagle out of the trees, and Samantha & Spencer had a go at steering the boat. The boat was then meant to head out to the mouth of the inlet, but a severe shower ahead forced us to turn back to the marina.

The same shower hit as we got back onto land, and forced us to stop and have tea at the bar on the pier. Looks like a late- afternoon storm is a common feature here.


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