Wednesday – Philip Island & Melbourne

April 9, 2006 at 12:21 am (Australia, Report)

Sam kept us awake through the night, but gave us a bit of a rest by going for an early walk with Rod and Sue.

The report was of a nice sunny start, and a spot of pretend-aeroplanes and rabbit-hunting., along a couple of beaches.

After breakfast, we went to watch the pelican-feeding at San Remo. Boy – they're big hungry birds! I have one good photo that shows how big their beaks can get.

After that there was time to visit the koala sanctuary before lunch, which we cut a bit short because of the rain. The sanctuary was well- organised with a decent raised board- walk that lets you walk amongst the trees nearer the bear's level.

The Victorian koalas are a bit shaggier than the ones we normally see pictures of, and looked very sleepy, perched in the crook of a branch. They can be quite hard to spot, up in the canopy – they look just like a dense clump of leaves. It's a shame that the rain started- but I'm sure we'll see more before we're finished here 🙂

Lunch was good, in a place in Rhyll (everywhere on Philip Island seems named after the Isle of Wight !), then followed by the trip back to Melbourne.

After that, there was only time left to pack for the next leg of the journey -up to Port Douglas. Steamy tropical weather is expected now. 30 degrees each day!


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