Tuesday – To Philip Island

April 7, 2006 at 5:20 am (Australia, Report)

Up a bit later today, so ended up lazing around in the morning, and just fitting-in a visit to the library. Rod came back around 2pm, and we hired a car for the drive south to Philip Island. Got upgraded to a pretty decent 8-seater, so plenty of room for a party in the back. Hope we get that car when we do the Great Ocean Road in a couple of weeks.

We stayed at Rod's parent's house – thanks Kevin & Sheryl (hope I spelt that right) – which was great. Felt a bit guilty when they departed to stay the night at someone else's home though.

Had time for a quick tea, then at 6pm, we departed to watch the "Penguin Parade", which is meant to be a whole host of "little penguin's" coming out of the water and waddling up the beach to their burrows in the sand-dunes.

There might be a couple of thousand of them at the height of summer (in the breeding season), but right now they're moulting – and can't go near the water. Which means half are at sea fattening up (and stay there for 2 weeks), while the other half are in their burrows actually moulting. So we must have seen around 20. They did look cute though… 



  1. Margaret Wilcox marphil said,

    A good diary, Mike, but it has come thro’ here a bit jumbled up. Probably will be better now you have started usig it.

  2. David Shutt said,

    Sounds like a great trip!


  3. coppertop said,

    Indeed it is, though I’m glad we’re over the jet-lag now. The tropics has been great, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Sydney has to offer next…

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